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Business Logo DesignA Business Logo Design will convey branding!

A business logo design is the soul of the enterprise; think of the Swoosh, the Golden Arches, or the Apple. A properly conceived logo will become the very identity of the company it represents for years and decades. The concept of the new logo has to communicate strength, longevity, and trustworthiness. Miami Logo Design will successfully guide you through the entire logo process; from conception to birth, and from branding to iconic representation.

Our professional Miami business logo design takes your grand idea, whether it’s scribbled on a napkin or laid out in a computer application, and boil down to a basic image: Symbolize and summarize. Conceptualize to memorize. Simplicity and clarity. All design is simply thinking made visual.


A great logo takes a lot of work. As with most endeavors in life, there is much more to logo design than meets the eye. The great logos that we all recognize didn’t just happen; they go through preliminary sketches—sometimes dozens or hundreds, they offer balance and aesthetics, they look great on a billboard and on a letterhead, they cleverly use color and font, and they are simple while daring to be different.
That’s how Professional Logo Design works for you.

“The logo is a simple and instantly recognizable icon of the company that it represents.”

Logo design in Miami has unique considerations; South Florida and Miami have a distinctive look and culture all to its own. Your company’s unique icon is an attention-grabbing signal to the universe, whether it’s viewed on a computer screen on a desktop or on a sandwich board on the sidewalk. Your logo may only have one second or less to tell the viewer, “Hey, this is the place where you want to stop and do business.”

Professional Logo Design Miami will bring your logo and company iconography to life. Our team will prompt your vision towards a powerful final product using your company’s product, culture and ideas as a guiding light. Miami Professional Logo Design will;

•    Collaborate on preliminary sketches
•    Create balance and aesthetic appeal
•    Optimize sizing; logo is identifiable when it’s near or far, and when it’s huge or tiny
•    Promote color schemes based on science, industry and market research
•    Suggest iconography that fits the company mission
•    Advise on proper font style
•    Endeavor to make logo reflect the culture of Miami.
•    Opt for designs that are different, recognizable and simple!

After walking together through the concept and design process, Miami Professional Logo Design will ultimately create the Magic Logo; that one image that completely encapsulates the spirit and mission of your company brand in a pleasing, memorable and recognizable manner. The process will be a satisfying, enjoyable and even pleasurable journey of self-discovery which will result in a Logo that will go on to represent your business for decades to come.


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